A top-down, turn-based game that mixes tactical skills with dexterity and coordination skills under pressure. Select 3 units for your squad and hunt down bots that are terrorizing the whole planet. Predict enemy movements, plan your actions, move on gridless environments and outsmart bots powered by Grail AI technology.

Powered by Grail AI (ally or enemy units): 

  • Blackbox coordination
  • Adapting strategy to current knowledge (with limited information)
  • Communicating and cooperating within group or with an ally group

Powered by Grail AI (enemy units): 

  • Blackbox coordination
  • Suspicion level system
  • Autonomous scout drone companion
  • Advanced visibility approach
  • Multilevel communication between units and unit groups


Read more about Grail: www.grail.com.pl


Project currently in development. Estimated release date: 2023 Q3 




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