We are a small team of people passionate about games and AI and AI in games. Our main product is the Grail framework for easy AI implementation in games, so we work on outsourcing projects for other studios. At the same time, we also make our own AI-heavy games that showcase our technology. This means our small team is a combination of two even smaller ones:  the AI team and the game development team. 

What does it mean for you?

  1. Everyone’s opinion matters. Working with us, you won’t be a small cog in a big machine, your contribution to projects will be seen, heard and appreciated.
  2. You own your project. Small team equals big possibilities, but also responsibility. We trust you.
  3. Personal development is important for us. 10% of your work time is dedicated to learning. That gives you one full day every two weeks for your own personal projects, tutorials and more.
  4. We actually are a team. No, really. We hang out after work too. We play video games, board games and ping pong together. From time to time, we visit a shooting range. We have a band, too 😉
  5. Respect for your time is a huge issue for us. Need to start working later because you’re driving your kids to school? No problem. You take a siesta in the middle of the day? Feel free. As long as you communicate your needs and your job gets done in time, nobody will micromanage you. There’s also no crunch, we don’t do that here.




If you feel that QED Games is the place for you, here’s what to do:

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