QED Games develops state-of-the-art AI solutions for gamedev and publishes video games, which use those technologies. Our mission is to make the game development process easier by providing accessible AI and automating testing. 


Our main focus is on Grail—a multimodular, universal engine for embedding AI in games. Grail allows us to create challenging and realistic AI that imitates human-like behaviors, improves the gaming experience and makes it easier for the development team to implement AI in their game.


Rafał Tyl

Rafał has 7+ years of experience in the gamedev industry and is skilled in traffic simulation in mobile games. He is responsible for development of Grail AI framework. Where is not busy coding even more complicated AI models, he plays guitar, composes progressive metal and enjoys discovering new video games.

Piotr "Zombik" Samborowski

Game Designer
A game/level/narrative designer. A linguistic authority on pirate lingo. A board member of an association that organizes anime conventions. A Dungeon Master. Spends time binging TV series and playing story-focused games. Strongly believes that Fallout 2 is the best game ever and will fight you if you disagree. He first started making games when he was 8 years old. Now he’s a little older, but the passion is still there.

Piotr "Wooki" Łukaszewicz

Masters degree in automation and robotics. Programmer in Fogs of War, Grail and Tactical Troops projects. AI programmer in Ancestors: Legacy and Fugitive Five. Besides AI and gamedev experience in automation and robotics. A lover of gamedev, AI and militaria. He regularly enjoys playing both video and board games.

Maciej Merski

Graphic Designer
A designer, concept artist, illustrator and animator, Maciek is actually a silent kil.. man of many talents. He authored the interface, illustrations, many assets and animations for Unity. When he is not currently drawing, the evil marketing team mercilessly exploits his skills to craft creative visuals, pages and power point presentations. When he lets go of his creative paraphernalia, he rollerskates in the kitchen.

Daniel “Dante” Lewiński

AI Programmer
Graduate of Computer Science at the WUT. Since 2017 he’s responsible for R&D related to AI in games (Grail, Fogs of War) and the implementation of AI algorithms in commercial projects (Tactical Troops, Hard West 2 and unannounced project). Since 2014, member of the KNTG Polygon - association for amateur game developers from Warsaw. He likes sharing his knowledge by giving speeches on conferences such as GIC, Digital Dragons and 4developers. Avid gamer and reader.

Kamil "Frozenshade" Siara

Over 20 years of programming experience for IT industries and Gamedev in a single body! Primarily in databases, client-server systems and network applications. Used to administrate his own emulator-based game servers. He designed and implemented two games (PGR Online and Skullstone), one of which runs on a proprietary engine! In our team, Kamil is mainly responsible for netcode, architecture and matters related to the game server and database.

Szymon Matuszyk

A curious mind to the level of being a philomath. You’ll find him educating himself in IT, and the next moment he’ll be learning about cars and engines. He has over 8 years of experience in programming, mostly in game development, but also feels confident in web design, server and databases administration. Loves a good book, strategy and arcade games and joins game jams from time to time, just for the fun of it.

Marcin "Anarhian" Zadykowicz

QA Tester
An analytical mind with a creative heart. He plays video games, board games, tabletop games; if it’s a game, he’ll play it. He’s taken part in game jams as a programmer, and he dabbles in game design, mainly from the perspective of world-building and storytelling. He insists on filling every plot hole there is. He’s designing his own game at the moment, which he hopes to make one day. It is sure to have no bugs.
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