Hello guys! For the past few years we have been busy developing Grail, making games and sharing our knowledge with the gamedev community on conferences and meetups. Lately, we realized that it would be beneficial to create a space where we could leave a more permanent trail of our activities and publish articles about everything related to our products and game AI in general.

So here it is – our new shiny dev blog! In the coming weeks, we’ll publish a series of posts summarizing all the public talks that we have given during last 5 (or so) years. And after we’re done with  that, we’ll regularly post in-depth articles dedicated to topics such as multi-agent systems, decision-making algorithms (like Utility AI, Planning or Monte Carlo Tree Search), algorithms for behavior execution (behavior trees, finite state machines), environment queries and many more. 

You should also expect updates on various bells and whistles that we keep adding to Grail, information about new projects realized in co-development with our partners and case studies of specific game AI solutions or techniques.

Stay tuned and see you soon!

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