QED Games
QED Games Team develops and publishes video games, which use advanced AI solutions. Our technology allows us to create challenging and realistic AI that imitates human-like behaviors, improves the gaming experience and keeps it enjoyable.
Additionally, as part of QED Software, we have access to trailblazing AI solutions for the entertainment industry. This makes the implementation of the scientific results into gemdev possible. Our first game - Tactical Troops: Anthracite Shift (released in 2021) is powered by Grail, Sensei and Fogs of War.
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Tactical Troops
A turn-based tactical science-fiction game set on a beautiful yet dangerous planet of Anthracite, light-years away from Earth. Explore an unknown, hostile planet and command a small troop of elite soldiers using an advanced teleportation technology and their overwatch technique. All within a detailed and atmospheric hand-drawn 2d world.
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The power of AI tools designed for gamedev
A multi-platform, modular, universal engine for embedding advanced AI in games.
The mission of the AI in games is to equip actors and groups of actors with realistic and sophisticated, human-like behavior.
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E-sport, science and learning systems merged in service of the development of players’ skills.
Innovative methods allowing for a transformation of raw information collected during the games into personalized statistics for players.
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